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Thought Space Athletics

TSA Ethos Synapse "Grow Your Mind" Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Thought Space Athletics Ethos Synapse Grow Your Mind is an overstable disc golf distance driver. It's a slightly flatter top in this plastic versus the Ethereal plastic and is a little more overstable. ThoughtSpace continues to crush every single stamp, the Grow Your Mind features the profile of a skull with teeth and bones, and the neck and brain filled with bees, flowers, a crescent moon, and other flora and fauna. It's hauntingly beautiful.

The flight path of the Synapse is a full S curve at higher speeds with a sharp fade back at the end. It's a great forehand or backhand choice if you're looking for something to bomb down the fairway with. The Synapse gives players that very long flex flight if you're throwing 350+ feet regularly. It's a disc you'll find in the hands of a professional player on Team ThoughtSpace, but it also works well for amateurs with a bigger arm. The Synapse doesn't have too much turn and it's not too stable, it's a great balance of power and control. The Synapse fills that slot in your bag for a maximum distance driver that won't flip over easily. It's solid if you're throwing into a headwind, but on calm days it's still going to get that big distance as well.

Ethos plastic from TSA is a premium blend that's highly durable. It's what you'll see pro players using because it gives a reliable performance week in and week out on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. It's going to be a bit more overstable than other plastics right out of the box so you may have to season it a bit for that full flex flight.

The Synapse is a disc that you can trust when you throw. It can handle your power when thrown level and go from side to side but come back. The Synapse delivers accuracy and distance to your game, so step up to the teepad with one and see why people love throwing this disc.

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1.5 | Fade 3

Ethos Plastic

  • Most durable plastic from TSA
  • See through, gorgeous colors
  • Most stable plastic TSA offers