Innova Starter Sets Disc Golf

The Innova 3 pack starter sets are the best disc golf gift a beginner can get. It includes everything someone needs to start playing the sport of disc golf. Each set of discs has a different combination of colors, so if you order it online you might get something different than the picture.

The DX plastic set is the most economical and is how many players get into the sport. It contains 3 discs a fairway driver, a mid range, and a putter. These discs are the base line plastic but they can last a player for years. These are designed to let you play a round at almost any course in the world no matter if you're a sidearm or backhand player. They're easy to control and you don't need a bag if you're going to carry 3 discs. They're also lightweight discs, generally around 150 grams because newer players have to build up arm speed and strength before they get heavier discs.

The DX Glow set is perfect for a round of night golf. It does not contain a mid-range and instead contains a distance driver. These discs are meant to be lit up with a flashlight and played in the dark with.

The Champion set is a premium plastic. These discs can last for decades if you don't lose them. The price is a bit higher but that's a premium quality plastic that won't ship when it hits trees or rocks. This is a great way to get started as well for beginners with plastic that they will hold onto for years to come.

A starter pack kit is exactly what the beginning player needs. They shouldn't worry about the countless drivers and putters out there until they understand the game a bit more. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the shop. It's what we suggest almost everyone starts with.

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