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Sabattus Disc Golf Lessons

Sabattus Disc Golf is proud to offer a unique disc golf experience through private disc golf lessons. Each lesson is tailored to the individual, as our disc golf coach will instruct you step by step at your comfort and skill level.

For players new to disc golf, we can teach you the basics and introduce you to the game. For the seasoned player looking to improve their game, we now offer more specialized lessons.


andrew streeter giving a lesson at sabattus disc golf


Disc Golf Lesson Outline:

*To allow for a fulfilling experience, we prefer keeping the lesson to no more than 2 people.

Entry Level / Beginner

Cost: $30 for one person ~ $50 for two people

We will explore the fundamentals of disc golf through a couple of 9 hole rounds on the Owl course. We can start from scratch explaining the game itself including scoring, terms, and general rules. From there we can teach you proper grip and throwing techniques, from driving to putting. Finally we will help you navigate the disc selection process in our state of the art Pro Shop.

Includes 2 rental discs (putter and driver) to each participant.

Intermediate / Advanced 

*All lessons include a free day pass to be used the day of the lesson.


Still unsure if a lesson is right for you? Two of our most recent participants were more than happy to share their thoughts after their driving lesson.

"I wanted to write a quick note to share our recent experience taking a disc golf lesson with Isaac at Sabattus Disc Golf this past weekend. My husband and I took a lesson together focused on improving our driving. We have been playing casually for the last year and a half and wanted to be able to step up our game, with the aim of participating in some tournaments for beginners to have a little more competitive fun.

I am certainly the less experienced player between the two of us and Isaac was able to address and help both of us hone our own needs on the course. Isaac created a warm and supportive environment while observing us driving, offering helpful tips and suggestions, and playing through a few holes.

I know how tricky it must be to give constructive criticism to a beginner learning a sport but Isaac was a great help!

By the end of the day we were both driving more consistently and confidently than we had ever done before. We know we still have a lot of work to do, but with Isaac's guidance we are excited to keep improving. We learned great strategies for playing more thoughtful and effective rounds when Isaac played a few holes with us, and I can say I already enjoy my time on the course a little more since I am more confident and committed to playing correctly.

I would highly recommend the program and I hope to come back and take advantage of the lessons again.

Thank you for providing a unique service at a fantastic course. We hope to see you guys again soon."

Joe & Julie Polenchar

andrew streeter giving a lesson at sabattus disc golf

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