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Disc Golf Discs

Disc Golf Discs are specifically made for the sport of disc golf. Don't confuse these with Frisbees!  They're meant for a very different purpose. These discs are made to travel far and fast, and should never be thrown at people or animals. Discs come in many kinds of plastic and with many different speed options. They can vary in price but generally a disc will cost between 8 and 18 dollars. There's no limit to the number of discs you can carry in your bag, but most players are between 10 and 20 discs. You only need 1-3 to get started though! Each disc is a unique mold, designed for a different flight path and distance.  

Putters are the closest relation to the frisbee, they're meant to float in the air and catch the chains. The putter is usually thrown when you're inside 100 feet of the basket. We carry many putters from Innova and Discmania here and you're sure to find one you like. Beginning players should learn to throw a putter first, because throwing a putter straight and developing good form will lead to success with faster discs.

A Mid-range, often called a mid, is a short to medium distance disc. These are hybrid discs, with a smaller lip than the putter they fly further and glide less. But they're still thicker than a driver, so they cut through the wind and float. Midranges can be thrown from 50-200 feet. They allow control that drivers do not, and distance that putters can't provide. A good mid is important to have in the bag. They're typically used when you're not on the tee, if you want to relate them to the game of ball golf they would be irons.

A driver is the furthest flying disc golf disc. These are meant to cut through the air and move from side to side as well. The drivers are meant to be thrown from 200-1108 feet (1108 if you're world record distance holder David Wiggins). These discs can handle all sorts of different throwing techniques such as sidearm, backhand, or overhand. Drivers require the most energy and speed when throwing.  

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