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Discmania Evolution Neo Mutant Disc Golf Midrange

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The Discmania Evolution Neo Mutant is a midrange that offers overstable flight and is a fantastic approach disc. It's beadless but has a sharp transition from the wing of the disc to the flight plate. It has a flat top so don't expect much glide out of the Mutant, but it's going to be a highly accurate disc for you.

The flight path of the Mutant is going to fade at the end of the flight, it just wants to hyzer. You can throw this with a sidearm flex and get a little distance out of the Mutant, but it's going to be limited to about 250 feet. Think of it as a much longer Tactic for flight path in terms of stability. The Mutant handles forehand and backhands equally well and it's extremely overstable and will fight through any headwinds for you. It's definitely a disc designed for advanced players who are looking for control versus distance.

Evolution Neo Plastic is a premium plastic blend in conjunction with Latitude 64. Neo plastic is durable and perfect for the Mutant because you're going to get some hard hits when you're shot shaping with this disc. It's a great plastic for all year round and it's what you'll see Team Discmania players throwing when they're out on tour. But it's also available at a great price for amateur players as well.

The Neo Mutant from Discmania s a great mid that's overstable. If you're looking for something that gets down quick but also gets more distance than traditional approach discs, snag a Mutant in the Neo plastic and see it shave some strokes off your game.

Speed 5 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Neo Plastic

  • Plastic that is semi-translucent.
  • Premium plastic designed solely with the player in mind.
  • Rigid enough to hold up in all temperatures.
  • Has enough flex to provide a comfortable grip.