GRIPeq© Disc Golf Bags

GRIPeq© Disc Golf Bags are synonymous with quality. At Sabattus Disc Golf we appreciate high quality products, and that's why we decided to become an authorized Grip bag reseller. The brand was established in 2009 and has been a premier choice for touring pros and amateur players alike for over a decade.

You can register your bags on the Grip website when you get it. That way if there are any defects they will help you figure it out right away.

Grip-eq has many different varieties of bags. Most are backpack style that hold between 18-30 discs, but there's also an over the shoulder bag as well. These bags come in a few colors, so make sure that you find the one you love.

A Grip bag is an investment in your game. You could buy a new 20 dollar bag every year for 10 years, or you could buy a Grip-eq bag and keep it for a decade or more. The SDG staff all carry Grip bags when they play.

If you're looking for a bag to love, check out the Grip-eq selection of bags at Sabattus Disc Golf. These bags are built for comfort, excellent durability, storage space, and for the casual player or pro. They're made from great material that doesn't show wear. If you have any doubts about these bags, ask any Grip bag owner if there's a bag they'd rather have.

At this time we're unable to ship Grip-eq bags, as part of the agreement with Grip. Please give us a call about it at 207-375-4990 if you have any questions.

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