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Innova Disc Golf Bags

Innova doesn't just make amazing discs, they make bags to carry them as well. Picking the right bag for your needs is easy. Make sure you're looking at what accessories you need to carry with you. Maybe you just want a standard bag that only carries discs, some players like to have extra room for snacks. It's all about what suits your needs as a disc golf player.

If you're looking for a basic bag there's the starter shoulder bag that carries up to 10 discs. It's affordable and durable for up to a couple seasons. Want something to carry more discs and maybe a bigger water bottle? Upgrade to the backpack style! There are plenty of affordable options out there. A bag has to carry your discs 24/7 so make sure you're getting one that suits your needs. Some offer disc space up to 25 discs! A backpack is what most professional players use and many casual players also find works best for them.

A bag is an investment into your game, and can last many years and outlast some discs. So even if the price tag seems a little steep try remembering these Super HeroPack bags will last a long time. Innova even updates them from time to time after players suggestions. Just like discs, Innova is always pushing the game to be better than it was before.
Innova makes great discs, and exceptionally high quality disc golf bags. Grab yourself an amazing bag today!