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Innova Excursion Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Innova Excursion Backpack Disc Golf Bag

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The Innova Excursion Backpack Disc Golf Bag is an upgraded version of the adventure bag 2.0. The increase in price is worth because of the additional features in the bag.

You want to know all about this bag. Here are the important features.

  • Holds 20-25 discs.
  • Includes rainfly attached to bag (impossible to lose)
  • Heavy Duty Zipper
  • Improved shoulder straps
  • Larger pockets on the side
  • Reinforced back and bottom
  • Thicker back padding
  • Improved material for bag
  • Space for large water bottle, hole in bottom to let out water.
  • Rubberized bottom for bag stability and waterproofing

Innova has come up with another amazing backpack. At 70 dollars it really doesn't break the bank. It's a higher quality as well. Perfect for if you're starting to carry more than 12 discs and getting more serious about the sport but don't want to spend 200 on a bag.

A backpack is an investment into your game. You can carry more discs, bag essentials, and it won't be that heavy. These bags will last a while, and hold what you need if you're playing a couple of rounds in a day.

The most important features of this bag are, it holds 20-25 discs, has a side pocket large enough to store a sweatshirt, and a rainfly that's included where the top of the bag and the back of the bag meet. That's usually a 15-20 dollar value alone!

If you're in the market for a new bag at a very reasonable price make sure you check out the Innova Excursion Backpack. It's high quality, has lots of room for discs and essentials, and has the bells and whistles of other bags at half the price.


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