Innova XT Plastic Disc Golf

Innova XT plastic is similar to DX plastic in feel but far more durable. The chalky grip is similar to R-Pro or KC Pro plastic and when comparing the stiffness it fits right in between those. Originally it was made for the Nova and Atlas which are both overmold discs. However the plastic proved to be popular and has since expanded to include the molds such as Aviar3, AviarX3, Dart, Mako3, Bullfrog, Colt, Whale, and Aviar as well!

What makes XT plastic special and different is the level of grip and the durability. You're going to find that the grip will be similar no matter the weather conditions. XT doesn't care if it's snow or rain or sunny, it will be steady to hold. The disc can take many tree and rock hits without taking too much damage as well. This can increase the price to a little bit more than DX, but not as expensive as premium plastics such as star or champion.

Players will also find the stiffness to be a big reason to buy their discs in XT plastic. If you're looking for a new plastic to try and improve your golf game, give XT a try. Currently it's only offered in mid range and putter models.


  • Firm and durable
  • Amazing all weather grip
  • Affordable and great value
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