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Innova Champion Plastic Disc Golf

Champion plastic discs are high quality, durable, and maintain their original flight characteristics for a long time. Champion plastic tends to be more overstable than DX or Star, it's less flexible in the hand than pro plastic and many players like that rigid feel. Innova loves their plastic so much they have named a team after it! It's not just for pros though, players of every skill level can bag some champion plastic.

These discs are a premium plastic and while they are durable they will beat in over time. A good disc golf player knows that a disc with a little wear and tear is better than a brand new disc. Champion plastic is more resistant to heat fluctuations, so if your disc is in the middle of a field for 3 minutes while you walk to your drive it won't be soft. It's going to be the same pretty much all year long for you.

These discs do tend to be on the heavier side, that just means you may sacrifice a little distance for extra control in windy conditions. Champion plastic is often preferred in distance driver shots because if you do hit a tree you won't bend the disc. It's got everything you want in a driver, good grip, durability, and it's not that expensive for a disc that can last years.

It's also the choice for throwing putters and for approach mid shots. When there's a tree kick or a rock hit it won't chip. If you're interested in discs that can take a beating and keep flying then get a champion plastic disc from this Innova collection today!


  • High quality plastic which provides superior durability and reliable performance
  • Firmness suitable for the increased throwing speeds of professional players
  • Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics
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