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Innova Star Plastic Disc Golf

Star is one of the premium plastics from Innova disc golf.  Star is incredibly durable and the choice for many professionals due to its consistent flight and how exceptionally grippy it is in all weather situations.  There's a reason that the top sponsorship for Innova pro players is called the "Star Team." 

Star doesn't warp in warm weather, and in cold weather maintains its shape even after hitting a tree.  It's durability is unquestioned.  Star plastic is similar to champion but when the discs are brand new there's a slight difference, star will be less overstable and will beat in more quickly than champion.  This process of beating a disc in is useful for developing turn on a disc.  If you're looking to stretch out a driver from overstable to a flex driver for maximum distance then use star plastic and you'll see a change more quickly than with champion.  Almost all of Innova's disc golf molds are offered in the star plastic line, from putters to mid ranges, and drivers.  Purchasing star plastic is an investment in your disc and your game.  Since it's more durable and grippy than dx it will last longer and you'll become more comfortable with your disc over time.  This offers you more chances with the same level of broken in-ness.  A dx disc will change its flight pattern more quickly than any other.  Star will allow you to have the same flight for a long time.  Star also has more stamp options than other disc, many of the touring professionals choose star as their plastic for their signature disc because of its durability and popularity.  If you're looking to dye a disc, star is the best option that Innova provides.  The plastic holds dyes well and can be tailored to whatever you'd like to have on the disc.  With it's availability in almost every mold, weight, and color, star plastic is versatile, functional, and a choice for regular Joe's and the top pros.

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