Axiom Disc Sports Discs

Axiom Disc Sports Discs are perfect for playing a round of disc golf. Axiom is an offshoot of MVP but offers slight differences. The most noticeable is that Axiom discs have colored rims instead of the traditional MVP black outer rim. If you're a fan of bright color combinations then Axiom has them for you.

The other difference is that Axiom makes different molds than MVP. The share the same plastic types that you love, Proton, Neutron, Electron, Eclipse, and Plasma. But the profiles of the discs will be different, which leads to different flight paths and uses.

These discs still feature the amazing overmold technology which places more weight in the outer ring of the disc. This leads to a more stable flight of the disc and utilizes the gyroscopic effect. Whether you're just a beginner or the 2021 MPO World Champion there's a spot for axiom discs in your bag. Come get some and turn those par shots into birdies.

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