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Discmania C-Line Disc Golf

Discmania C-Line plastic is a premium plastic for disc golf discs. This plastic blend is notable for its extreme durability and great grip. When you hit a stone, metal, or tree with a disc in C-Line you'll find that there won't be gouges in your disc thanks to the hard plastic. One way that C-Line differs from other plastics is that it's translucent.

These discs are about twice the price of D-Line plastic discs but you get what you pay for with the C-Line. These discs hold the flight characteristics longer, meaning that they won't beat in as quickly and turn understable. The feel of C-Line is grippy and firm, when you press your thumb into a disc expect it to be stiff in the hand, and have little give. The C-Line disc is perfect in all weather conditions, it doesn't get floppy in the sun the way some other plastics do and it can easily be dried in rainy conditions.

Discs in the C-Line are going to be a little heavier weights than other plastics just because of the durable and heavy nature of the plastic. C-Line doesn't affect the glide of any mold but it can affect stability. C-Line is the most overstable plastic offered by Discmania, so S-Line and D-Line will both have slightly less fade and typically more turn.

You're going to live your C-Line discs no matter if they're putters, mids, or drivers. Players of all skill levels will benefit from having a C-Line disc in their bag.

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