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Discmania C-Line PD Disc Golf Power Driver

$ 21.99
The Discmania PD in C-Line plastic is an overstable distance driver. The PD stands for Power Driver and that's what it takes to get this disc going. This is the PD (new) mold from Discmania, it's going to be a little more overstable than the previous PD. It's a disc that has a smaller rim but still has that ability to be thrown fast by players who don't want to worry about a disc that flips over onto anhyzer.

The flight path of the PD is overstable with a little less glide than most high speed drivers. This is going to give players with big arms a straight flying disc that has a fade at the end of the flight that's more about control than getting to the side. The new PD is going to be slightly more overstable than the older runs, and it's not going to flip over even in a headwind. It's a fantastic flex shot disc and it works well with either the forehand or backhand shot. If you're already throwing about 300 feet the PD will go straight until it runs out of power before fading. If you're not quite up to that distance yet you'll find the PD as more of a utility disc that dumps out of the air.

C-Line plastic from Discmania is their premium durable blend. It's what you'll see players like Simon and Eagle throwing on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and what you can see local players throwing on your course. It's going to be the most overstable plastic that Discmania offers and takes time to beat in.

If you want a disc that will guaranteed hyzer at the end of the flight, get the PD. If you want something that you can trust to not flip over with your sidearm, get the PD. Throw this disc and know that the flight path will always be the same. It's time to carry a disc you can always trust. Snag a PD and start hitting your lines today. More