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Discmania Evolution Exo Plastic

Discmania Evolution Exo Plastic comes in two very different varieties, Hard and Soft.

Hard Exo plastic offers players a stiffer blend that's still got lots of extra grip. It's going to be more overstable right out of the box compared to other plastics. This rigid plastic takes longer to beat in and become understable and is a great choice for your putter, approach, or midrange disc when you value that extra grip. Exo Hard plastic is more similar to baseline blends.

Soft Exo plastic is a more flexible blend of plastic that still offers discs excellent grip. It's going to feel a little softer in the hand and be slightly less durable than premium blends. Soft Exo plastic gives you a little more wiggle in the flight and will glide slightly further.

Exo Plastic is a great choice for an extremely grippy plastic. Use it around the basket and expect great results. More