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GRIPeq© G & G2 Series Disc Golf Bag

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The GRIPeq© G & G2 Series Disc Golf Bag are an over the shoulder bag that are perfect for light disc needs. If you're playing at a small course you won't need lots of discs, and maybe you only bag 10 discs. This is a great option compared to the much heavier disc golf bags.

They have the same YKK zippers, great material that is both soft and durable, and these G Series and G2 bags come in a series of colors. They're a great travel bag if you only want to carry a few discs, and they're useful if you're practicing and only want a couple of discs.

This can carry about 10-14 discs. Depending on if you stuff your bag with mid and a single distance driver, or all drivers. These Grip bags are also excellent and last a very long time. It's one of the premier names in disc golf, ask any Grip bag owner if they'd prefer another brand. Then take a look at the bags again and figure out which color would look best holding all your discs.
The pockets on the side have zippers and can fit a water bottle or a phone and wallet and keys! It's always important to have a spot for your valuables and Grip protects them well.