Discraft Z Line Heat Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Discraft Z Heat is an understable driver that's designed for long glidey turnover flights. Expect big distance with the Heat, especially if you develop a hyzer flip shot. It's a great choice for beginner players and for pros as well.

The flight path of the Heat depends on the angle of release. As a flat throw with power you'll get some turn on the Heat, it will hold that for most of the flight and then pan out to flat before landing. It makes a great beginner disc if you don't have a forehand and need something to turn over without becoming a roller. If thrown on hyzer, the disc will flip up to flat and maybe have a little bit of turn before it hyzers out. Mastering the hyzer flip is an important part of disc golf and leads to longer throws and more accurate shots.

Z Plastic from Discraft offers players a durable blend that also offers nice grip. It's not going to get understable the first time it hits a tree, it keeps that hard edge and will be useful in your disc golf bag for years to come.

The Discraft Heat in the Z plastic is made for players who deal in finesse. It's perfect for those slower arms to get down the fairway or for advance players to hyzer flip for a straight shot. The Z Heat was meant to be thrown by people who consistently hit 150 feet with their other discs. See why this disc is a great choice for you.

Speed 9 | Glide 6 | Turn -3 | Fade 1 | Stability Rating 0.0

Z Plastic

  • Premium Durability
  • Most Stable Discraft Plastic
  • Choice plastic for pros