Discmania Evolution Exo Hard Tactic Disc Golf Putter

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The Evolution Exo Hard Tactic Disc Golf Putter is an overstable approach disc that's designed to fight through the wind and get down near the basket. It's a reliable and durable disc with great grip, perfect for getting up and down.

The flight path of the Exo Tactic is short and has a strong fade. The point of the Tactic is not to glide, but rather fight through any wind and make its way down to the ground. It's a consistent flight every time and that makes it great from 50-200 feet where you are just trying to get close to the basket. Most top players bag an overstable approach disc because they know exactly what it will do every time. It's excellent for forehand or backhand players and you'll find yourself turning to the tactic for all sorts of upshots and utility.

Exo Hard plastic from Discmania works in any weather. It offers supreme grip and a slightly stiffer feel than Exo soft plastic. This will give you a cleaner release and a more overstable finish. It's a a great choice for the Tactic because you're not ripping this disc as hard as you can, you're throwing it to get close to the basket.

If you're looking for a disc that can be thrown forehand or backhand and is going to help take strokes off of your game, you've found it. The Tactic is aptly named, because it's a tactical disc decision.

Speed 4 | Glide 2 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Exo Plastic

  • The Evolution line standard plastic.
  • Available in two different flexes.
  • Extra grippy good in all weather.