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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Plasma Octane Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Plasma Octane is an overstable high speed disc golf distance driver that offers players both control and distance. It's a great choice for your go to driver because you can rely on it to get down the fairway consistently, and then still have some fade at the end.

The MVP Plasma Octane flight path is going to be a little bit of high speed turn and then lots of forward glide. Follow it up with a long slow hyzer finish, and you've got a typical high speed driver flight path. What makes this disc special is the gyroscopic effect of the weighted outer rim, it gives this disc a slightly longer stable flight. The Octane requires lots of power to get it up to speed for turn. It's best thrown if you're already clearing 325+ feet regularly. It's definitely made for players of advanced skill level but it's perfect for a sidearm or a backhand throw.

Plasma plastic from MVP is a slightly softer blend that is noted for a metallic sheen finish. It's going to be slightly less overstable than Proton or Neutron plastic. So expect a little more glide and an easier time seasoning this disc.

The Octane is a disc that you can trust to fade every time. It's going to get you manageable distance down the fairway but not be your furthest flyer. See if you can get this disc to rip down the fairway and get some birdies. More