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Innova I-Dye Disc Golf

Innova I-Dye are discs in either Champion plastic or Pro plastic. These wonderful discs contain swirls that sometimes create designs such as a yin yang or American flag. Others appear to splatter or be unique designs that give your disc that personal touch. 

Champion plastic that has dye in it is clear to begin with and then dyed. This is the premium blend from Innova and it's incredibly durable. These discs are going to be the typical champion weights of 165-175 grams. I-Dye Champion discs are available in putter and driver discs at this time.

Pro plastic is more soft and floppy, and is a little more tacky in grip than champion plastic. In the winter play it stiffens less than other plastics and is easy to find with its bright swirls.

Click on any of the discs below to check out a specific description of the disc and make sure you scroll all the way through to see each of these amazing tie dye discs. If you like these discs please write a review for them and let us know what you think! 

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