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MVP Proton Octane Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Proton Octane is a stable, high speed disc golf distance driver with lots of glide. This disc is a go to choice if you're looking for a high speed driver. It's excellent with both the forehand and backhand and offers glide and distance without sacrificing accuracy. It's got the standard MVP black outer rim which adds gyroscopic stability to the flights of all MVP discs.

The flight path of the Octane is straight with a little bit of high speed turn and forward glide. Then it will have a long slow hyzer finish. This high speed driver is familiar in flight, with the little turn and late fade. A reliable flight with good distance make it a workhorse you can rely on in a cross wind or headwind. It's a wide rim distance driver so if you're not making it up to speed this disc will go up in the air and dump. Players need to be regularly exceeding 325 feet with their drives to make this disc work.

Proton plastic from MVP is a premium blend and their most durable blend. It's going to last up against many tree hits without becoming understable. It's the choice of many players on Team MVP for their drivers and mids that they know may hit some obstacles. It works anywhere and anytime for them and will for you too.

The Octane is a disc you're throwing at full throttle. Let loose and know that it's not going to flip over and will fly a long way before comin back. Snag an Octane and turn your big distance potential into reality. More