Discmania S-Line Disc Golf

Discmania S-Line plastic is one of the most popular plastics in the disc golf game. It's got premium durability, it's relatively low price, and it is consistent every time you throw it.  This plastic blend is exceptional for grip, and is used by many pro and amateur players. It's not as stiff as C-Line, or as soft as G-Line it's right in the middle and it's still durable so don't worry about smashing trees with these discs.

S-Line provides a great feel and is available in a bigger variety of weights than C-Line. It can be low or max weight for almost any mold of Discmania disc. The S-Line plastic will maintain the same flight characteristics for awhile, it takes some beating before discs in this line start to get flippy. They play well in all weather conditions and players will love throwing something as reliable as S-Line plastic.

What are you waiting for? Get your S-Line discs today!

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