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Axiom Neutron Insanity Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Axiom Neutron Insanity is a stable to understable distance driver that offers players a disc they can turn over and ride that anhyzer before it pans back. It's a flat topped disc that handles both forehand and backhand shots equally well.

The flight path of the Insanity is going to have early turn that lasts most of the flight. It's a shot shape that is common for mids, but this driver gives you lots more added distance. The Insanity holds that turnover for most of the flight and then pans out at the end instead of flexing back over. It's an excellent choice to execute flip up hyzer shots or sky anhyzers that hold the line until panning out at the end of the flight. You don't need a big arm to throw this disc, players who regularly reach 200 feet will be able to get something out of this disc. It's glidey and can give people massive distance if they're not reaching it with high speed drivers.

Neutron plastic from Axiom discs is a premium blend that offers players durability and great grip. It's what you see Team MVP players throwing on the Disc Golf Pro Tour every week because it works. It's also what you'll see people throwing on your local course because it's affordable and works.

Don't just look at how beautiful these discs look. Fall in love with them for the options it gives you on the course. See why it's such a popular mold for yourself and snag one of these. More