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Discraft Z Line Flick Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Discraft Z Line Flick Disc Golf Distance Driver is one of the biggest meat hook discs in disc golf. It has a board flat top, and a very steep angle on the rim as well. This disc was created in 2004 when there weren't as many overstable discs to choose from, and it's still a fantastic option for your utility disc.
The flight path of the Flick is very short and very overstable. From the moment this disc leaves your hand it is starting to hyzer. Why would you want a disc like this? It's an amazing skip shot disc, a very good short roller disc, excellent at flex shots, and when thrown for a thumber or tomahawk it doesn't bounce around it just lands and bounces up in the air once before dying. Use this disc when you are really in desperate situations and the most important thing is accuracy not distance. It will be a challenge for advanced players to throw this disc over 250 feet. It functions well in wind and when thrown on a high anhyzer with lots of power you can get this to pan out before flexing and dumping into a hyzer. This disc is forehand and backhand friendly and that +1 turn rating isn't a typo, it's that overstable.
Z Plastic from Discraft is the most durable blend that they offer. The premium durability is greatly needed because you're getting this disc so you can smash it into trees. Don't worry it will remain overstable for years to come.
These discs work in all sorts of conditions, and can be crushed with maximum power, they still won't flip over on you. So snag one of these minimum distance all control drivers and see what it can do for your game today!

Speed 12 | Glide 3 | Turn +1 | Fade 5 | Stability Rating 2.5

Z Plastic

  • Premium Durability
  • Most Stable Discraft Plastic
  • Choice plastic for pros