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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Proton Inertia Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Proton Inertia is an understable distance driver that has a flatter top. It's an excellent choice for players who are looking to fill that S Curve shot to their bag. MVP discs are well known for their gryo technology with the 2 piece disc. It has an outer rim that is black and slightly heavier than the clear flight plate. This gives your disc better gyroscopic flight and additional high speed stability.

The flight path for the Proton Intertia will be straight for a moment before it flips over and rides the anhyzer. Eventually the Inertia will stable up and flex back before fading out. This is an excellent disc to throw on hyzer flip shots for longer distances or to throw flat and with some height for a big S curve and lots of anhyzer. The Inertia does very well at 250+ feet. It can be thrown in the open field where it has time to swing side to side, or if you have lots of trees you can aim right at them and then anhyzer around the trees and back into the fairway. It's a unique shot shape, but you may need it in your bag. It's going to be a good versatile understable disc so you may want this for rollers on anhyzer as well.

Proton plastic from MVP is a durable premium blend. It's not going to change the flight characteristics as you hit a couple of trees with it. It's also the most overstable right out of the box so it may take time to become as understable as you are looking for.

The Proton Intertia is a disc that throwers control. If you want something for a hyzer flip this is a great choice. It's not as consistent as overstable discs but it's about finesse and learning how to hit your lines. Snag the Inertia for some effortless flips with your forehand or backhand shots. More