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Thought Space Athletics

TSA Aura Synapse "Journey" Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Thought Space Athletics Aura Synapse Journey Disc Golf Distance Driver is a stable disc that's designed for S curves and to get you bigger distance for your throwing power. The stamp features a woman walking away through a forest of mushrooms and butterflies flying through the air. There's traditional TSA patterns throughout the stamp and the details are exquisite. If there's one thing you can always count on from ThoughtSpace, it's a high level of attention to detail in all their stamps.

The flight path of the Synapse is going to be straight to start, a good amount of high speed turn and then a long fade back. This disc shares the flight numbers of the Innova Destroyer and Discraft Zeus, but it's going to be a little more flippy and the Synapse will have slightly more of a fade at the end of the flight. The Synapse is the first high speed distance driver from TSA, and it's a great choice for forehand players or backhand players who are looking for a reliable disc. If you're a player with 300+ feet of distance it's a great choice because you'll want something that has a consistent fade and won't just flip over when you give it a little extra juice. The Synapse wants to be your go to driver on long holes and holes where you want a controlled drive as well.

Aura plastic from Thought Space Athletics is a premium blend with great durability and excellent grip. It's what professional players throw week in and week out on the Disc Golf Pro Tour because they know it performs well in all weather conditions. But it's affordable and can be thrown by your average local player as well. It beats in over time but will keep that stable to overstable flight path.

This disc is a perfect balance of maximum distance and control for advanced players to pro players. It's got a sweet stamp and is useful anytime you're throwing 300+ feet. Try out the Synapse and see why everyone will be bagging this disc.

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1.5 | Fade 3

Aura Plastic

  • Solid durability
  • Excellent grip
  • Slight flex to the disc