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Innova Disc Golf

Innova Blizzard Champion Ape Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Blizzard Champion Ape is a disc that's designed for maximum power shots and to still be able to have a very overstable finish at the end of the flight. The Ape has a very wide rim and is going to always hyzer at the end of the flight. The Blizzard plastic offers players who might not have an ultra powerful arm to get more distance out of this disc.

The flight path of the Ape is very overstable from the moment it runs out of steam and it will try to get to the ground. It has a wide rim so expect a big skip as well. It's an amazing forehand/sidearm driver and will handle the torque you impart into it. The Ape does well with flex shots and can handle any headwind you face with ease. Because these are lightweight it is easier to get them up to speed and a Blizzard Ape can be thrown by someone who is consistently reaching 300+ feet, but a regular champ ape is something that only the biggest power throwers in the game touch. The Ape is more overstable than a Firebird, XCaliber, or Gator, throw the Ape if you're looking to combine distance with a very overstable flight.

Blizzard plastic from Innova is a premium blend but it's lighter. It retains all of that durability but comes with micro bubbles in the outer wing to be lighter. If the plastic is under 140g it will float in water, if it's more than that check at home first. Blizzard plastic tends to be less stable right out of the box compared to Champion, but the Ape should still be quite overstable.

The Blizzard Champion Ape from Innova is built to give you something to rip your backhand with and get a super hyzer and good solid distance.

Speed 13 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Blizzard Plastic

  • Champion plastic that is incorporated with thousands of microbubbles.
  • Premium plastic drivers ideal for high speeds.
  • Offers superior distance performance resulting in the current World Distance Record holder.
  • Available in weights down to 130 grams. Those under 140 grams are so light, they can float in water.