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MVP Plasma Inertia Disc Golf Distance Driver

MVP Plasma Inertia Disc Golf Distance Driver

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Flight Path

Speed 9 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

Flight Numbers Information

Plastic Benefits

Plasma Plastic

  • Durable premium plastic
  • Slightly softer than Proton or Neutron
  • Color shift gives a glossy look
  • Flexible for extra gripping


The MVP Catalyst in Plasma plastic is an understable high speed, high glide, distance driver. It's got a bright metallic sheen and that black gyroscopic outer rim to give you a longer flight. The Catalyst is designed to give players with a big arm extra distance and an S curve that gets them all the way down the fairway.

The flight path of the Catalyst is going to be understable at high speed and have plenty of turn. At the end of the flight as the disc slows down it will glide forward and do a long hyzer fade. This is going to be one of the furthest flying discs in your bag, it's designed to have lots of hang time. If you throw it a little nose up and anhyzer you'll get an amazing flex out of this disc and increase your maximum distance potential. The Catalyst is a disc that requires lots of power to get going. Beginner players and folks throwing under 325 feet regularly may want to stick to a different disc.

Plasma plastic from MVP is a durable and flexible blend designed to provide players with something reliable. Its shiny and going to be a little more understable than other premium blends. Slower arms will enjoy this plastic because it provides a little more turn and glide than proton plastic.

The MVP Catalyst is a distance driver that lends itself to bigger arms. Crush your other drivers with something that's going to flip over and come back. Snag one of these today and hit some nice shots.

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