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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Plasma Inertia Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Inertia in Plasma plastic is an understable distance driver that players of all skill levels can use. Advanced players will love it for hyzerflips and slower arms will use this disc for S curves. It has a flatter top and can be thrown forehand or backhand.

The flight path of the MVP Inertia is going to be somewhat flippy when it's released flat. You can shot shape this with a hyzerflip to get big distance and keep it flying mostly straight down a tunnel. On a flat backhand you can get a lot of power behind this disc and flip it over to ride an anhyzer for most of the flight. Throw it high for long flex shots or flip it all the way over for a roller. The Inertia can be thrown soft for touch as well, it's an incredibly versatile disc. For a 9 speed it's going to have lots lines you can put it on, but the Inertia really excels when you're throwing it 250+ feet so it has time to get that full flight.

Plasma plastic from MVP is a slightly softer premium blend that's got lots more flex than other premium blends. You still get that durability that you love, but with the softer hand feel it's going to be a little more glide heavy and have a little more turn than Proton or Neutron blended Inertias. It's shiny and metallic, and looks great in the sunlight.

If you're looking for a disc that's going to need angle control for consistent throws this is it. It's excellent for different shot shaping and can be thrown in the woods or out in the open. Snag an MVP Inertia and see how it flies for you. More