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MVP Neutron Impulse Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Neutron Impulse Disc Golf Distance Driver is an understable disc with lots of glide. It's a great disc if you're learning how to forehand, and it doesn't require lots of high speed to fly straight. The Impulse fits the hole in your bag for an understable fairway or a hyzer flip disc.
The flight path of the Impulse is straight and then it will flip about 33% to 50% of the way into the flight. It will continue turning for a long time and then may fade back if given enough height. Players with lower speed arms will be able to flip the Impulse for big distance and advanced players will love the controllable shot shapes they can make out of the disc. It's sidearm and backhand friendly, and with a low profile it's pretty easy to hold even with small hands. The Impulse functions best when it has at least 150 feet to work with between you and the basket. It can function as a roller disc on a steep anhyzer shot.
Neutron Plastic from MVP is a premium blend that offers durability and great grip. It's what players on Team MVP throw week in and week out on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, and they can rely on it to not beat up when they chuck it at trees. Neutron is available in a variety of weights and colors, so you can get exactly what you want.
The MVP Impulse has that high glide and lots of turn that beginners look for to get distance, and it has all the control you need for a hyzer flip if you're an advanced player. Check out why people love the Impulse today!

Speed 9 | Glide 5 | Turn -3 | Fade 1

Neutron Plastic

  • Premium plastic from MVP premium cost.
  • Durable, can be used for years.
  • Takes time to beat in.
  • The choice of pro players for consistency.