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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Fission Wave Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Fission Wave Disc Golf Distance Driver offers players a distance driver with lots of turn to get that max distance throw. You'll be gliding for long flights with the Fission Wave.

The flight path of this disc is straight with a good amount of turn in the middle of the flight, then a long glide and fade at the end. You can throw your Wave forehand or backhand and get great results. Players who have the ability to throw 325+ feet consistently will do well with the Wave. Further throwing players will be able to hyzer flip this disc and make it into a woods disc as well. This will likely be a go to driver for many players because of the distance and reliable come to fade at the end of the flight.

Fission plastic from MVP is a lightweight alternative premium blend to Proton and Neutron plastic. You still get that awesome durable disc but with micro bubbles in it that reduce the weight. This allow players to throw the disc further with less effort. You'll find that these discs are fantastic and make great throwers when there is a tailwind. They've got the standard MVP outer rim with gyro technology to provide additional stability so you won't flip over he discs.

Fission plastic makes a lot of sense for the wave. It's an understable distance disc when you overthrow it, and it's got that super long glide with low weight. Expect this to be your furthest flying driver and go get one today!

Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

Fission Plastic

  • Lightweight plastic with micro bubbles.
  • Durable and premium blend.
  • Comes in weights as low as 135g.
  • Tends to be less stable than other premium blends.