Innova Star Savant Halo SlingBlade Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova Slingblade Halo Savant is a fairway driver that's stable to overstable right out of the box. As a 9 speed it fits that slot in your bag where you want something a little longer than a fairway driver, but don't want that overstable high speed driver. The Slingblade stamp is a Marm O. Set design is fantastic! It's got curves that come to a point and flow on the disc well. When it spins you should see beautiful symmetry.

The flight path of the Savant is straight with very little turn and then a long slow hyzer fade finish. If you've thrown a Savant in either Champion or Star plastic before you may think you know the flight path, but in Halo plastic it's much more overstable. This Savant will handle more power before it even thinks of flipping over. It's still a great choice for tunnel shots but this disc is better at handling the forehand and high speed backhand shots. The Savant is meant to fill that 250-325 slot in your bag. When you need a slightly more stable, longer flying disc than a midrange but not all the power of a high speed driver.

Halo plastic from Innova is a premium blend. It's known for the extra stability it provides, the durable disc that can last for years before becoming flippy, and for that incredible Halo ring on the outer rim that gives it its name.

The Halo Slingblade Savant is a controllable and reliable fairway to distance driver. It's going to have a lot of late fade that you'll appreciate on windy days and it's going to get good straight distance. Snag one of them while they're available, Marm O. Set stamps rarely last on the shelves. More