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Innova Star Katana Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Star Katana is a high speed under stable distance driver with plenty of glide and turn to keep the disc aloft. For many players this disc will be the furthest flying in their bag. It's not about finesse or technique, this disc is about raw power.

The Katana cuts through the air the way a Japanese sword would, wait that's probably what they named this disc the Katana. This disc will whip to and fro in the air, it's designed to turn heavily early in the flight and then flex and fade back. You won't be throwing the Katana on any wooded holes. However with the huge glide (5) and the -3/3 turn/fade it will be in the air for a very long time. Look for this to be reliable for distance but not as much for accuracy. Bomb this disc on any open field holes and get the most out of it. If you're playing woods golf leave this disc at home, but if you have any open field shots be sure to give this a nose up throw and let it fly.

Star Plastic can handle pretty much anything that you throw at it. It's durable and the choice of many top pros from Team Innova. The disc can handle tree hits and rocks without chipping too badly. It's available at a great price too, it's double the cost of DX plastic but it will last much longer.

The last tip is throw the Katana in a tailwind. You'll get a little less turnover but so much more distance.

Speed 13 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 3

Star Plastic

  • Highly visible blend of grippy, resilient polymers.
  • Provides maximum grip, durability, and longevity.
  • Innova's most premium plastic blend.
  • Performs well in all weather conditions.