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Innova Disc Golf

Innova Star Colossus Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova Star Colossus is a stable distance driver that's the highest speed available. This disc performs best when it's out in an open field being thrown over 300+ feet.

The colossus is a great disc for both backhand and sidearm throwers. The rim is wide which leads to some big skips when thrown in short grass or on smooth surfaces. No matter how the Colossus is thrown players will love the consistent -1 turn at the beginning of the flight and the 3 fade. The Colossus is exceptional when thrown for long distance. Players who like discs like the Destroyer, Boss, or Wraith will recognize the similar flight pattern that the disc takes.

Star plastic is great because it is a premium plastic that handles heat, cold, and the inevitable tree and rock hits a disc will take with ease. It's less stable than champion plastic so when you're throwing a star you'll have a little more give and turn in the flight.

This disc is for high speed arms who want to get maximum distance our of their throw. There's plenty of fast glide to keep your colossus flying for a long time. Get one and start ruling the skies today.

Speed 14 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3