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Innova Champion Firebird Color Glow 2022 Nate Sexton Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

The 2022 Nate Sexton Champion Glow Firebirds are exceptional overstable disc golf distance drivers. This years run is going to be slightly more flexible than in years past and will be a little further flying but still have that big fade finish you know and love. The stamp features a bird spitting fire onto the NS logo. It's a hot ticket item, so snag one while these limited edition discs are available.

The Firebird flight path is going to be straight for as long as it has power. What makes this disc different and so sought after is that it won't flip over when you give it power. The Firebird is great at control, it will always fade out even on a flex shot. It has little glide, so if you throw it level it's not going to glide past your landing zone. This disc is definitely made for advanced to professional players, it's not going to get you much distance but it will get you the same flight over and over. It's designed to give sidearm players something easy to grip and rip, but can work for backhand or overhead throws as well.

Champion Color Glow plastic from Innova is a premium blend that you can rely on for superior durability. It's also got a lot of extra stability when compared to other blends. It's perfect for the Firebird because you will be using this for years to come and want something that keeps its flight characteristics for a long time.

The 2022 Sexton Firebird is absolute fire. If you're looking for something for throwing or for hanging on the wall you've found it. This disc isn't just awesome because of the excellent shots you can make with it. It's also a way to support Team Innova Captain, JomezPro commentator, and fan favorite, Nate Sexton as he travels the world throwing discs. Snag one while they last. More