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Innova Star Destroyer Halo Bottom Stamp Calvin Heimburg Commemorative Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Bottom Stamp Calvin Heimburg 2022 Jonesboro Open Halo Destroyer is a commemorative disc that's here to celebrate Calvin's humongous playoff win. It's an overstable distance driver that is loved by players since the mold came out in the early 2000's. It's a great choice for sidearm or backhand shots, it doesn't matter if you're throwing into a headwind or in rain, the Destroyer will get you consistent distance with control.

The flight path of the Destroyer is straight initially with some high speed turn and then a long slow fade. It's a classic -1 turn and 3 fade combo with a 5 glide. You're going to get lots of distance and then a consistent stable finish. This is definitely an advanced players disc, it takes 325+ feet consistently to get this disc to do what it's designed to do. It won't be your max distance disc, but it will be something that wont' flip over on your in headwinds and something that you can flex without worry. If Calvin can release this disc on anhyzer and park hole 1 at Jonesboro you'll be fine throwing it.

Halo plastic is a premium blend from Innova that's a little more overstable than any other plastic they offer. It has that outer ring that gives the disc its name and a little extra grip compared to star plastic. Halo is what many players on Team Innova throw because it's reliable no matter where you throw it.

These are definitely a limited edition disc. So be sure to get one while we have them in stock, Halo Destroyers rarely last long!

The bottom stamp foil colors will vary.