Discmania D-Line Disc Golf

The D-Line plastic is the base line plastic from Discmania. This plastic is the lowest in price because it does break in quickly and while the least durable, will still last a long time.

This collection includes putters, mids, and drivers because they're all great in D-Line plastic. Generally players of all skill levels will throw a D-Line putter as their putting putter, the small scuffs make the disc easier to hold and it's cost effective if you want to buy a bunch of them for practicing.

Another reason that players have D-Line discs in their bag is the grip and the beat in flight. When a disc beats in it becomes less stable, these discs can be manipulated to have different flight characteristics and become understable or flippy. The feel of a beat in D-Line disc is amazing in the hand. Typically after being thrown for a while the D-Line becomes soft in the hand. These discs vary the most in weight and can be as low as 140 grams and up to 180 grams for some molds.

Getting a D-Line disc is buying a great disc no matter the conditions, these work in the winter, or rain, and players will love the understable disc in the bag. Go get yourself an awesome disc today!

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