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Disc Golf Clothing

Disc Golf has a unique style and here at Sabattus Disc Golf we're happy to say we carry a large stock of apparel for you. We've got so much Innova apparel that you will look great in. We carry Mens, Womens, Kids, and Unisex options and we try to make sure it's available in all sizes as well. These are great for you or can make the ultimate gift shirt or jacket for any disc golf dude or dudette in your life.

There are workout t-shirts, polo, hoodie, tank top, short sleeve tee, long sleeve cotton and performance, and even socks that we carry! Do you need a wristband and hat, no part of you has to go without your love for disc golf, except your lower half. If Innova decides to start making shorts or pants we'll probably carry those too. We've got gloves to keep you warm in the cold months, and tank for you in the hot months as well. 

Sabattus Disc Golf carries performance gear that you may see on some of the big names in the sport. Pro disc golfers James Conrad and Calvin Heimburg both Star Team members for Innova like to wear the Innova Air Force Performance Jersey. These and more amazing things are all available at a pretty great price, just check out our collection!

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