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Discraft ESP Nuke SS Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The ESP Nuke SS is a high speed disc golf distance driver from Discraft that offers players lots of high speed turn and a big S curve. It's a great choice for hyzer flip shots, holding turnovers and panning out, and for max distance. If you're throwing 325+ feet consistently it may be time to check out adding the Nuke SS to your bag.

The flight path of the Nuke SS is one with plenty of early turn in the flight and a stable finish. It's a disc that fights to fly forward the whole time for maximum distance. You can also hyzer flip the Nuke SS for a straighter flight path or throw it on a slight anhyzer for a turnover flight path. The Nuke SS Is meant to fly far, the control is up to whatever angle you put it on. It has a slightly flatter top than the Nuke, and handles forehand or sidearm torque just as well as it holds a backhand. The Nuke SS delivers every time you're looking for a big distance shot.

ESP Plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It's going to beat in slowly and offer great grip. It's what the pro players on Team Discraft throw for their drivers because they can trust it in any weather and anywhere in the world. ESP is available in a variety of colors and weights so be sure to get one that you like by scrolling through all of what Sabattus Disc Golf offers.

The Nuke SS is a disc that gives you a lot of distance. Throw it with power and let it swing wide from side to side and get that full flight of a disc. See why folks love throwing this disc and snag one today! More