Discraft Big Z Raptor Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Discraft Big Z Raptor Disc Golf Distance Driver is a disc that has a flat top and offers lots of overstable flight. It's a great choice for forehand players looking for a disc that can handle the extra torque or a big headwind. Trust that every time you throw this disc, it's going to fade.

The flight path of the Big Z Raptor is straight and stable for as long as it has power, then it will begin to hyzer and dump to the ground. This is not your maximum distance disc, it's your perfect fairway shot disc. If you release it on an anhyzer it's going to flex back and hyzer out. It makes a great choice for shot shaping on tight wooded fairways when you need a drastic change from anny to hyzer. It's a great skip disc if you throw it low and hard. If you throw flat you're going to get a small skip and then the disc will check up. What makes the Raptor special is the flat top and that it can be thrown sidearm with ease, even from top pros like Team Discraft Captain Paul Ulibarri. The Raptor is going to fit that overstable driver slot in your bag, it's designed with the advanced player in mind and is useful from 200-350 feet.

Big Z plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It's durable and won't change the flight path the first time you hit a metal lamp post. It's going to keep that durability and stay overstable for years. It's slightly more flexible than Z line, so you will get a little more flex in the disc and be able to throw it slightly further right away.

The Big Z Raptor is all about controlled distance. It's designed for pinpoint accuracy and is beloved by pro players and amateurs alike. See what all the excitement is about, snag one of these pretty sweet discs before they're all snapped up!

Speed 9 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3 | Stability Rating 2.1

Big Z Plastic

  • Durable but soft in the hand
  • Slightly less stable than Z plastic
  • Performs well in cold weather