MVP Distance Drivers

MVP Distance Drivers are visible from a distance with the signature black ring on the outside rim of the disc. All MVP discs utilize gyro technology, this adds weight to the outside rim of the disc to give it extra stability during the flight for more forward glide.

MVP Distance drivers come in a multitude of plastics. Electron, Neutron, Proton, Plasma, Cosmic Electron, Cosmic Neutron, Eclipse, and Fission. Click on any of the discs and you'll learn more about the different plastic types for each.

These discs vary in color, weights, and the prices depending on if the plastic and the stamp. We work hard at Sabattus Disc Golf to keep the prices of our discs low because we're disc golfers too. Click on any of these discs to learn if they're stable, understable, or overstable, and we'll let you know the flight path and what you can expect the disc to do. Check out our selection of MVP Distance Drivers today!

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