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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Neutron Energy Disc Golf Distance Driver

The MVP Neutron Energy Disc Golf Distance Driver is a high speed overstable disc that's an important part of your bag. This disc will fight in the wind and give you a reliable fade at the end of every throw.

The flight path of the Energy depends on how hard you throw it. It's got a turn rating of 0 so it won't flip over on you, and with a fade rating of 4 it's going to always hyzer out. You can throw it as hard as you want as a RHBH thrower and not worry about flipping the disc over. When released flat it will go straight and then start to fade about 50% of the way through the flight. The Energy is a great disc for anyone with a power arm who wants a consistent flight path. This disc works for forehand players just as well and it's an excellent choice when you only want to land on one side of the fairway. It's a fast disc as a 13 speed, if you find it's not going as far as you'd like consider it a utility disc. One you can spike with, roll with, or throw some mean skip shots with.

Neutron plastic from MVP is a premium blend. That means you're getting something super durable that will last you years. It also offers solid grip and comes in a variety of weights and colors. You can throw your Neutron Energy for a long time and still rely on it to be overstable in your bag years from now.

The Energy is a disc that's not for everybody. It's a high speed disc that requires substantial power to throw for distance. But if you connect with it you'll throw this disc all the time. If you're interested in a disc that always goes one way, can be a utility shot disc, and works for both forehand and backhand, you should snag one of these discs today.

Speed 13 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Neutron Plastic

  • Premium plastic from MVP premium cost.
  • Durable, can be used for years.
  • Takes time to beat in.
  • The choice of pro players for consistency.