Discmania Putters-Putt & Approach

This collection is compromised of Discmania putters and approach discs. A putter is designed to get into the basket and an approach disc is about getting as close to the basket as possible to make putting easier.

These discs all vary in plastics and are offered in C-Line, S-Line, D-Line, Exo, Vapor, Soft, and even C-Line glow plastic! Many of these discs are perfect for driving with, they have great glide that leads to a long flight. The P2 is going to replace many drivers on shorter tee pads in the more durable plastics. All of these putters fly mostly straight right down the fairway, and don't require lots of speed to get going.

These discs all fill a variety of needs in a players bag. Click on any disc for a description of the flight path and the uses for the disc. These discs are all incredibly popular with players of every skill level from beginner all the way up to pro. Get any of these amazing discs today, we have a great selection so pick any of them to try!

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