Discmania Evolution Exo Soft Tactic Disc Golf Putter

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The Discmania Evolution Exo Soft Tactic Disc Golf Putter is an approach disc designed to get down to the ground and fade the whole time. It's an awesome choice for players in the 75-200 foot range to the basket.

The flight path of the Tactic is short for a reason, this disc is all about getting you as close to the basket as possible without going in. It's an excellent forehand or backhand disc and you can rely on the disc never flipping over, even in a headwind. As you throw the Tactic you'll find that once it starts to slow down it's going to fade hard and try to get down. With a glide rating of 2 this disc is very point and shoot at your target. Throw it flat, and where you want it to go. The Tactic won't roll away or have big skips, it's trying to use up all the energy in the flight quickly. You'll find yourself throwing this disc many times during the round when you're looking to get up and down.

Evolution Exo Soft plastic is a cool blend from Discmania that's a little soft to the touch. This gives you a chance to really dig your thumb into the plastic. It will offer slightly more glide than the hard Exo plastic tactic as well. It offers exceptional grip and it's not going to beat in as quickly as you might think. Because you're throwing this more softly it won't take big dings and nicks from trees. You can rely on the Exo Soft Tactic to keep its overstable flight path for years.

These discs offer you a great chance at getting up and down. They're built for ultimate control and not distance, but they'll help lower your score. If you don't have an overstable approach disc in your bag now is the perfect time to go and get one.

Speed 4 | Glide 2 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Exo Plastic

  • The Evolution line standard plastic.
  • Available in two different flexes.
  • Extra grippy good in all weather.