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MVP Disc Sports

MVP Proton Deflector Disc Golf Midrange

The MVP Proton Deflector Disc Golf Midrange is an overstable disc that's trustworthy and will help you park more of your upshots. It's not built for distance, it's got one job and that's to sit down near the basket.

The flight path of the MVP Proton Deflector is a strong hyzer that lasts throughout the flight. This disc has a very low glide rating for a mid range. It's not supposed to be in the air a long time, it only goes where you throw it. The hyzer is sharp and as soon as the disc starts to lose power the Deflector will drop its outer wing and begin to hyzer out. It's a great forehand or backhand disc that fills the role of a Zone/Harp/Pig from other manufacturers. However it does not have a bead and retains that stability. You can know that even when released on an anhyzer the Deflector is going to finish out with a hyzer. This disc won't be your furthest flying, but it should be one you're confident and accurate with between 50 and 150 feet.

Proton plastic is the most durable blend from MVP disc sports. It's designed to take a beating and to retain the same flight characteristics for a long time, this is essential if you're playing with a disc like the Deflector where it will be hitting the ground hard. Proton plastic is worth the couple of extra dollars because you'll be using this disc for a long time.

If you want something that you can rely on to get you close to the basket, and to not flip over in any wind, then get yourself one of these awesome Proton Deflectors from MVP and start parking your shots.

Speed 5 | Glide 3.5 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Proton Plastic

  • Premium plastic see through and stiff.
  • Most durable blend of plastic.
  • Most overstable of MVP plastics.
  • Available in a variety of weights.