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Innova Star Roc3 Halo 2022 Jen Allen Tour Series Disc Golf Mid-Range

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The Jen Allen 2022 Tour Series Halo Roc3 from Innova is a stable to overstable disc golf midrange. It's one of the staple discs in every Team Innova players bag because the Roc3 is reliable, and offers a great flight whether you're throwing it forehand or backhand. The stamp features restraint, some of the new stamps are big and bold. But the Jen Allen Roc3 features a shield, the Innova air force wings, and a roc's talons reaching over the shield. It's subtle and gorgeous, and the Halo colors around the rim are amazing.

The flight path of the Roc3 is going to be straight for about 50% of the flight and then as it slows down it will start to hyzer out and have a long slow fade. The Roc3 doesn't flip over unless you are throwing in big headwinds. It's going to be your go to mid when you want control and distance. It's something that beginners can throw as well as world champions. The glide is an important part of this discs identity, it's perfect for long slow fades. Use the Roc3 when you have to get around a tight corner and need the disc to hyzer the whole way. Use it for upshots that are a little too long for your overstable approach disc. The Roc3 works very well from 75-200 feet.

Halo Star Plastic from Innova is a premium blend. It's durable, overstable, and beautiful. The outer ring is a dyed color to give it that "halo" look. It's a great choice for a Roc3 because you will hit obstacles with it but it will retain the same flight characteristics for years. It's god excellent grip in all weather conditions.

This 2022 Jen Allen Halo Roc3 is sweet. It's got that cool understated stamp, an excellent flight path, and it supports Jen Allen as she tours. That's right this is a Tour Series Disc where a substantial portion of the money goes to her to help her play all over the US. You get an awesome disc, and you get to help out a fellow disc golfer! Snag one of these popular molds before they all sell out. More