Discmania Evolution Exo Hard Method Disc Golf Midrange

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The Discmania Evolution Exo Hard Method Disc Golf Midrange offers players a straight flying mid with a stable finish. The Hard Exo Method is different from the Neo mold because it's not as overstable and you can get a much straighter flight out of it. It also has a flatter top, which gives less of a hyzer glide finish.

The flight path of the Evolution Exo Hard from Discmania is straight and stable whether you're throwing forehand or backhand. It's going to fly straight until it starts to run out of steam and then it will have a dumpy hyzer at the end. You can definitely throw this on an anhyzer and let it make an S curve, or throw it on hyzer for a controlled spike shot. This mid is versatile and it's not going to flip over on you, so you can expect that 3 fade to kick in on every flight.

Exo hard plastic from Discmania is much closer to a baseline plastic feel, but with more durability. This plastic takes a little longer to beat in than the soft, and it should give a little bit cleaner of a release from your thumb. Exo hard is a great choice of plastic because it gives you a little more control in bad weather conditions and will have more nicks and scratches for you to grip.

You're going to love the Discmania Exo hard Method. It's available at a great price here at Sabattus Disc Golf because we know these discs are going to be thrown a lot. Snag one of these Methods and lower your score today.

Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Exo Plastic

  • The Evolution line standard plastic.
  • Available in two different flexes.
  • Extra grippy good in all weather.