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Innova Disc Golf

Innova Champion Firebird Glow 2022 Zackeriath Johnson Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

The 2022 Tour Series Champion Glow Zackeriath Johnson Firebird is an incredibly overstable disc. It straddles the line between distance driver and fairway driver. You're going to be throwing this glow in the dark disc because you're looking for the ultimate control shot.

The flight path of the Firebird is going to be straight for as long as it has power, then it will start hyzering or fading out and get down to the ground. The 3 rating for glide is because this disc isn't meant to stay in the air that long, it goes where you throw it and then it gets down to the ground. The Firebird is a choice disc for skilled forehand players and backhand players alike. It's useful for flex shots, skip shots, driving into headwinds, and for those shots where you need something that starts out straight and ends up hooking around a corner. If you like the flight path of overstable approach discs but you want something that travels further, snag a Firebird. This disc is designed for the advanced or professional player in mind, and it's not going to get you as much distance as almost any other driver. You won't flip this disc over if you throw it level, it can handle the power from even the top distance throwing pro players in the game.

Glow Champion plastic is a premium blend from Innova that offers players a slightly more grippy and flexible champion blend. Charge it up with a flashlight and play in the dark, or bring it out in the sun and it's great too. It's got great durability and you want that since you'll be throwing shots that may hit obstacles.

Let the disc do the work. The Firebird has a natural hyzer to it, so embrace it and don't be afraid to power it up. This disc isn't just special because it's going to be your go to on controlled shots, it's also awesome because it's the Tour Series disc for Zackeriath Johnson. Support him as he tours the US playing disc golf. Get a highly sought after disc that feels a little tacky in the hand and help out a fellow disc golfer. Get these while you can, they always sell out quickly! More