Discmania C-Line DD3 Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The C-line Discmania DD3 (new) is an overstable distance driver that's got potential to be your go to driver. It's going to be slightly more overstable than the original mold, something that is likely because of the firmness of the new C-line Italian blend plastic. Players with big arms will love powering up on the DD3 and getting that familiar high speed driver flight path.

The flight characteristics of the DD3 will have a little bit of turn at high speed and will always hyzer back. If you're throwing 350+ feet consistently you'll see that turnover for a moment about halfway into the flight. The DD3 has lots of glide and is going to be moving forward with it and have a long slow drawn out hyzer fade as well. When thrown with speed, the DD3 is going to make a slight S curve and then have that controlled finish. If you don't have 350+ foot power the DD3 can be your utility disc and something you use for flex shots or skip shots as well. You can rip on this disc in headwinds and not be afraid of it flipping over.

C-Line plastic from Discmania is a premium blend noted for its durability and see through colors in discs. This is what you'll see pros like Eagle and Simon throwing on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. It's affordable and something that you can find players on your local course throwing too because it works everywhere.

The DD3 is stable to overstable, durable, and something that you can rely on for both a forehand and a backhand shot with equal control. It's great in all weather conditions and the feel of the new C-line plastic is extra firm and grippy. Snag one of these amazing discs and start hitting extremely big distance shots today! More