MVP R2 Neutron Plastic

MVP R2 Neutron Plastic is the environmentally conscious choice because it's made from recycled plastic. It's also the only MVP disc to have a white rim! It offers the same feel as Neutron and similar durability. If it's not a perfect mold then MVP won't sell the disc, instead they'll chip it into tiny pieces. Then they use those to create the R2 (short for round 2) plastic. It's dyed black with some gray swirls in it and then the white rim is added.

It's available at a similar price to neutron plastic and it's still perfect for your round of disc golf. It's going to fly exactly the same but you get to feel great about MVP's plan to help the environment.

These are all of the discs that we carry at Sabattus Disc Golf in this plastic. If you have any questions about the flight, distance, speed, or other options about a disc click on it and we'll have a review on it for you.

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