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Discraft Titanium Plastic Disc Golf

Discraft Titanium Plastic is a premium blend. That means that you pay premium price and get something excellent in return.

It's the most durable plastic that Discraft offers, it's going to last you a very long time. A great choice for drivers, fairway drivers, and midrange discs, because those are discs you often throw with power and you may strike an object.

The grip is exceptional and it's somewhere between ESP and Z Line for flexibility. You can trust any disc in Titanium plastic for a long time and in any weather. It's got that tackier feel and is great year round in the snow, rain, and warm sunny days. It beats in slowly so you can have plenty of rounds and practice with Ti discs.

It's something that's thrown on tour by the top players in the sport. But it also belongs in the hands of every day players.

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